October 14th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

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The people I work with are so fucking afraid of computers, and when they try/want to do something with them it's all ass-backwards. I'm like "you could upload the color version, it's just as easy" and they're like "No! I'll just do the black and white version" it's a fucking computer monitor! the only reason I even made a black and white version is so that they could export it on a crappy xerox and have it not look like crap. and they didn't even do that correctly!!!!! how do you fuck up xeroxing it.
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Professional Graphic design

OMG Work is so boring!!!!!!
I really need more people here.
Or else I really need to get some books on tape. I wish I had patrick's bookon tape.
at least we're actually amking progress with new printing methods. Of course the only reason we're chaning is cause the current equipment has gotten super old and broken.
So we are finally Starting some new digitaly constructed publicity. I did some baffo work to get a fool proof photoshop Action for making postcards on Alison's computer (And by fool proof, I mean making it work for someone who has yet to master opening files or minimizing). But I did, and it actually still affords A large amount of flexibility within the fool-proof structure. Of course poopy michael just complained that it's not done even though I worked on it for a day. it's like first of all, You pay $25 to get actions as robust and cool as this. second, I think you can afford 6 hours to get this procedure to look good, especially if you're then going to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars printing the crap it makes!
Also I convinced Alison that the new digital system dosen't have to have 75% screen dots. man, if this works out well it could be great.
Of course, all my information comes from the printshop (who don't know what things like postscript are, so can't answer my questions even if I could ask them.) through Michael and then reinterpreted by alison (who dosen't know much about digital output herself, and does not benifit from 2 generations of mis-information.) but yeah, so It's hard, but luckily I'm proving to be competent enough that they're starting to just trust me.

uh yeah.