October 18th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

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We put hella old mostly broken waist high speakers on the corner with papers that said "free PIONEER speaker set! free!" on them, and someone took them after about 3 hours.
I think it's because I used the PIONEER logo on the "free" flyer. People are slaves to brand names, it's awesome. I mean, they still work, they're just pretty ghetto and cat-pee smelling. It's the kind of shit that troy would jizz his pants about.
and by shit I mean that literaly.

I got my new credit card today. I've been upgraded to platinum! yes! level up! Class change!!!!
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Mega Man Party!

Frightening post.

For anyone who has a journal that goes back to freshmen year, I really recomend reading it. man, I found this post randomly, and it's really weird to read it. It makes me glad I keep this thing updated. I feel pretty vulnerable when I read it. And it makes me miss hanging out with liam, and all the other things that I miss from freshmen year.
is it sad that I'm not even officially graduated and I already sing that Avenue Q "I wish I could go back to college song" over and over in my head. Shit!