October 20th, 2004

Mega Man Party!


so, I'm here at work.
It's pretty boring.
I'm at the point where I don't have something I can work on directly, which sucks. yeah. it sucks. I'm trying to figure out how we would be able to sell custom posters for shows, and the main thing is the price of ink, and the amount of ink that is nessicary per poster. Under the assumption that we can print 17 20" tall posters with one roll of paper and 2 full compliments of ink we would have to charge at least $13 per poster just to break even. The expenses in this scinerio would be $205 for paper and ink (ink is $11-12 per cartridge, and there are 7 in the printer. for two full compliments it would cost $160. a roll of paper is 393 inches at $45, and I calculate 23" per poster including the space between them. ) so yeah. I don't know if it's worth them to sell at $15 (only $50 a roll) or if people would be willing to buy them at $20 per poster.

choji moji is playing at terman elementary this 29th. we need to get our set list in order.
I need to figure out how many hours I've worked. god this is boring..... I wish I couild do more design work. I wish I had my cool book on taxes here, I want to learn more about taxes.

also outlook 98 sucks ass. It's not even displaying html e-mails so i cant test stuff i send out. god it's like I'm fucking cutting a 2x4 with a steak knife anytime I have to use any of the computers other than the macs. fucking retarded.
I can't even go on the internet and do things like fix choji moji.com or make claire's shirt or other stuff because I have no internet here!!!1 blarrrrrrg!