October 21st, 2004

Mega Man Party!

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Hey! Everyone must join this community, or at least add it to your friends page, and make it cool! Then we can go to all the kick ass palo alto parties!
paloaltoyeah!!!! Come on! it will be kick ass!
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Mega Man Party!

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How common are megaman's interests
sex (164309)
video games (110548)
pirates (38263)
robots (10850)
swords (25189)
capcom (1722)
dragon ball z (2048)
mega man (1447)
one piece (2797)
santa cruz (2150)
space ghost (5247)
street fighter (2491)
ap (422)
casual sex (683)
darkstalkers (455)
nice clothes (193)
pigeons (647)
speaking japanese (137)
united states (965)
日本 (755)
クレヨンしんちゃん (6)
同性愛者 (4)
国際基督教大学 (1)
海賊 (4)

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yep - I have no popular interests....
Mega Man Party!


I wish I could figure out what I did to get my hair to do what it did in that yearbook picture with me and brittany naked in the shower with the chicken. It was all straight, but clumpy. I really don't remember. I don't think it helpes that I use product inconsistantly.
Michael went home at lunch today because he wasn't feeling good. I hope he's not going to die. of course, I was afraid he was going to drop dead when I first met him 11 years ago. man...
right now I'm importing mike Miranda's SFX into the "sound database" at the theater.
God! they don't fucking understand the advantages of computers. If only I had enough time to make the database system I've been envisioning. I mean, the way we're doing things currently is retarded! the set designer isn't even shown pictures of the previous production - even though they are sitting around explicitly for such things. man... I can't wait to change things. of course, right now I'm kinda waiting for the new computers... after that we should have enough hard disk space to do stuff like this.

oh! I figured out how to use the current cameras as analouge to digital converters!!! that saves us about $1500 because now we don't have to buy stand alone units to do it for each computer like we have currently! isn't that great! I get to be by myself all day! isn't that amazing! 8 hours of solitary fun, except not the solitary fun where you get to orgasm...
I really wish I had brought my book on taxes.
I need to figure out the choji moji show.
god, I thought I would be done with "after class" shit like this, but no! I come home and I'm like "oh I can't go out because I need to design the stupid website.
I'm going to look at how many hours I've worked so far this year when my paycheque comes today, and then be like "look - I can't work full time like this any more"
Mega Man Party!

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I think I'm going to cut gamefly back down to 2 games. I think 3 games at once is too much for 1 person. Especially since I also have netflix.