October 23rd, 2004

Mega Man Party!

My life (An entry that is not about video games)

holy shit, My production of Animal Crackers was really good! man. I know that that is probably the only show where I have been happy with my performance, and you can really tell. The thing that sucks about wingspread is that there really isn't a chance to get the kind of depth and muscle memory needed to do a really kick ass show like this one. I know that I spent like weeks straight watching the movie and practicing the groucho walk to get it as good as it was. Of course, it's much easier to do that kind of thing when there is soemthing that is being emulated. Because I was really just immitating most of the stuff in the movie, that's different than the noises off part where I tried to do something compleatly different than the movie. Man, I really would have liked to have done a 2 month run of noises off. I think then I would have finally gotten my lines down (sorry Reed!) but that was a really fun show. So was animal crackers. Man, I want to do a show with lots of my competent peers where we have a really good/fun time. blah. My mom keeps saying I should go back to japan and do acting, or at least try and do somehting with palo alto players. I think that would be fun. I dont know. I have a weird relationship with acting and performing. and inertia. man. I just want all my obligations absolved. and then stuff. man. NOSTALGIA!!!!!!!
people who were in animal crackers who were awesome:
*J Moon
*Danny Weiss
*Erica nelson-jonson
*Mike Zlotnik
*carol Crewdson
*dawn Burroughs
*Aaron Schwartzboard
*Justin Basl
*Julia Johari
*Breanne Russel
*Pilar Alverez
*meg Barrett
Honorable mentions:
*Avi Katz

It was a really awesome cast, and watching the show (which I'm currently doing) It's just... really entertaining. I Really think it is the one true time my performance was truly good, and I know it's the one and only time when I truly gave 100% the whole way through.

I often think back to that show, and think "why can't I do that again? Why can't I pry myself away from the internet or the video games, or being lazy and really devote myself to something!" It's like when I was in high school and went to that movie audition and played final fantasy VII instead of really memorizing my lines (yes, they gave me the lines before hand! I should have at least memorized them! let alone planned out a really kick ass interpretation)
and here I am doing retarded work organizing cds instead of planning the Choji Moji concert in 6 days! the one we havent planed or practiced for. the one where we're like "oh, we should do these new songs that we've never played!" (like always)
It sucks because I really like singing, but I can't sing any of the songs that bobby wrote for himself because our voices are very different. but I don't allot enough time to choji moji to plan or practice anything for myself. I don't even have my god damn thesis finished, and I'm trying to work full time (although that will change soon! I actually brought it up with my boss, and he's like "oh, yes write out a plan") and now I'm being like, "yes, I will design and maintain your website! I know all about doing that! you can see how good I am by looking at the chojimoji site (that hasn't been updated in 2 years, and that is still linking to mp3.com and the only thing good about it is the opening page - even though that's designed way to big for lower resolution monitors)"
yes. I need to get my life in order. And I don't think that having a full compliment of netflix and Gamefly is helping, nor is my super neuroticness about working and socializing. (if you haven't figured it out, I have trouble enjoying working and studying because I can't help thinking I'm going to turn into rich, and not have friends and miss all the college parties [already managed to do that!] and never get married, or even have sex anytime soon. But then everytime I do something that is social I can't help worrying about how I should be studying or finishing up my projects, or saving for retirement or investing in stocks, or going to bed earlyer so that I can be awake during fucking work on saturday!!!!! or not spending $10 on a fucking meal at a restaraunt. So I have trouble enjoying myself whatever I do. And I've yet to really figure out a balance between them. I mean, when I play castlevania for 9 hours on sunday I'm like "man I could have done so much with my day" but when I do stuff I'm always like "man, I wish I had a day to just play video games and not try and do other shit!!!"
What I really need is some job with enough free time within a structure of the daily 5-8 hours that I can play games at my job.] That's almost what I have now, and that's how I can be writting livejournal. Although i should also be reading my book on digital video compression.]

oh god! The video is at the "letter to my attorney" part. Man, that was a very difficult 3 pages of text to memorize and deliever well. I guess it helped that it was in the movie, so I could just emulate that.
Did you know that made an audio tape of the lines in the movie that were in the script and just listened to that over and over? yep. I also threw in this funny line about having a strange interlude. Of course, I didn't warn Carol beforehand and she said she almost died because my added lines were so funny, and she was supposed to stand center stage and not move during that part.
That was when I learned that making stuff up during a performance and not telling anyone. Of course, I still made ben totally blow it with the blood volcano during macbeth!
oh well. I guess I just have to keep pushing. I mean, MEGAN RAFTER Managed to get out of the quagmire of the PACT working situation. I can do it too!
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