October 27th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

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well, I just invested $650 in the apple store again. It's not like an impulse purchase, it's just I didn't think the product was actully gonna come out till november when I originally told myself I would get it as soon as it came out.

A running log of my day day at work, where it is cold and boring.

huzzah! Today I'm at work again!
Since Livejournal is the only thing close to companionship again, I'm going to be hella typing in it, and then posting it at the end of the day (when I come home)
Subject 1: Choji Moji = fun

11:05 -
Arg! this is so futile! why do I even try with this stupid things if no one is going to see them? I should be spening my time on useful things!!!!!

11:37 -
I got them to turn on the Heater in the rehersal hall (where I work). It was 66F, and it sucked. They keep propping the F'ing kitchen door open and the fucking refrigerator is like 37Decibles. it never stops, and it hurts my ears, and so I keep closing the door, or playing my music super loud to drown the fucking noise out.

11:55 -
Oh man! I'm typing up the animal crackers cast list and I forgot about other cool people who were in it:
* Erin Smith
* Jeremy Schwartzboard,
Man. This show spawned the infamous "Ryag Joke". Hahaha! man, i get a kick out of all the stories about funny things adrian did or said that were really him repeating stuff that I made up. The Rayag Joke is one of thoes things.
Did I mention that I bought a ipod photo? and I got free engraving? it's cool! man...
This not having anyone around is like my nightmare. cool things like a photo ipod are meaningless if there's no one to show it to. I hate being in a empty abyss for 8 hours a day. it's like, no one even cares if I understand how to tweak video so that it encodes better, or that I know why luminace on old VHS tapes shows up as bright green or that I kknow how to fix that digitally so that you can't tell. man. I'm not looking forward to the mind-numbingly boring job of scanning negatives once we get these new scanners. Nor am I looking forward to having to explain to michael how I'm not actually burning every picture to CD, mostly because that's a rediculous and useless step in our current digital workflow. and also because WE DON'T HAVE SPACE TO HAVE LIKE 2 PHYSICAL COPIES OF DIGITAL MEDIA!!!!! god... I really need to get filemaker pro and put together a database. Stupid people don't understand computers!@!!!!

jermy Schwartzboard is listed as 2nd Policeman, but there is no 1st police man!?!?!?1

I wonder who is going to be at the choir concert holiday thing? I wish I could see people like Mark mermelstien and you know, thoes people. God, This animal Crackers thing is making me so nostalgic. Also, I think the last time I was in palo alto, and the Theatre at this time of year I was with Olivia, and so that's what this is reminding me of.
I'm excited about going to chico this weekend. I wish I could take someone exciting and new like elliot or momoko. It's funny that I think Momoko has a better chance of going than elliot (and Alex makes fun of me for never leaving my house/wanting to do stuff!!!!!!)

Animal Crackers crew list of cool people:
* Brian Mahoney
* Nora Martin
* Pancha Diaz
* Justin Greving
* Ben Sanders
Costume Assistans:
* Sophia Duncan-hubby
* Olivia Killingsworth

Man, If bobby was in the play it would be a full house. I blame bobby.
On a different note, I need to learn the current crop of HTML tags. I'm still using all the magical depreciated tags from HTML v2 because I never bothered to memorize em. and stuff. And CSS, that's something I need to commit to memory instead of having a "functional if I read the book with the tags in it" level of understanding. blah! lame!

I'm debating wheter I should add the junior staff at the time to the credits at the end of the DVDs. I mean, it's like another 20 lines to type (more annoying than it sounds) but it's kinda interesting. I always assumed that they have records and figure that stuff out if they wanted, but that's assuming they can find the records. And seeing as they couldn't even find the master copy of the pagora music script the day before tryouts, I dont give that much chance of happening.

I just back from lunch.
Everything blurs together. when I think about how every day my lunchtime is about 55 minutes of laying around my house reluctantly eating and finally drinking a mandatory cup of cofee, it's weird. I'm always like "is this the best use of my hour?" If I'm at theatre 8 hours That gives me 4-6 hours to do other things. usually it's more like 3 hours. and yeah, I'm mostly tired by that point. bleep bloop, working is lame!
God, I fucking hate eating! Everytime I eat I just get soooo tired, and then I can't do anything, even when I eat coffee!

The songs from places are so fucking hilariously stupid!!!!!! Oh man!
I'M GLAD I'M ON CREWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (I guess the active sound in the w is the vowel sound.)
Also, the kid drops the stick in the show, and it makes me laugh because it's a mistake.

To do: Put all stock photography on one external hard drive. This includes pictures I've taken and stuff from internet. (maybe I'll use that extra space on my ipod for that...)

I don't understand, Michael talks about how he wants to finish up all these archiving projects, and then when I show him why and how things take 20-40 hours to render (and re-render if they don't fit on the DVD) he's like "We need to figure out how this fits into the long term plan." Which makes sense, but then he can't sit and complain about how it takes a long time.

Just got off the phone with elliot. That was fun. He has over 100 burned xbox games.
I love video games, but that's just overwhelming... Too much of a good thing, you know?

I just got back from keeble&Shucket with michael litfin. That was super stressful, because we dont think the same way about these things, especially since he has no idea what the process is, or what's happening. and he gets mad when I make statments about things like size, or stuff. Ugh! So frusterating. I guess I need to keep A good sense of humor about it. It was educational, because I hadn't actually had experience with the slide scanners first hand.

Ok, now I'm at home. I feel hella stressed out from arguing "discussing" the scanners. my stomach hurts froms stress, but my mom brought home sushi. yar.
I watched my cat throw up. He meows a certain way and then throws up, according to my mom, and he did the meow, and then I watched him to see if he would really throw up, and he did. it got on his paws, and then I picked him up to put him outside, and it got on my hands.
It's hard being an old cat.
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