October 31st, 2004

Mega Man Party!

(no subject)

he;l;lazz yeah! I am so high, and I'mtalkingion prker'skeyboard. It's split inthemiddleand my eye lids hurts from bewing so high!
uh, it's difficult to artiiculate how great this is,m and by great, I meane greatly unsensicals. yerp, another trip to chico and an attacck with the great, greygjpstr// Ot
's imprtantto do a comma betweenadjectvies,that
l;;s a thingf of grammar tahat I am awqare oifl
Shitm, iu wish some bitch wou7ld suck mde off!

that's gioood for now.
Mega Man Party!

(no subject)

Fun in chico. I was really high.
I won scarriest in the costume contest! huzzah!

Uh, yeah. kinda tired. Maybe play banjo and work on my thing.

Holy shit I need to go shopping, but I'm going to make a habbit of not comming in on saturday, which will give me more time to party and shit!

uh, I'm bored so contact me!