November 1st, 2004


I'm in the cool club!

I got my ipod photo today!!!!! it came in the morning, less than a week after ordering it!
I got free fedex shipping on both parts! huzzah!
Meanwhile, ravi is interviewing at google. He says he's going to get rich there and hook us up with jobs, and presents.
Although I think I got the better deal today.
You all need to see the secret engraving I got on my ipod! wuhahahahah!
Who can guess what it says????

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Hi! I just got an ipod photo. I just wanted to know if I'm the only one who enjoys apple's packaging so much that I want to not unpack stuff so I can show my designer/art friends how stylish and functional the packaging is? I must have kept the box for my airport express and G5 around forever forcing anyone who came over to see it.

on a different note, I remember people wondering if the photo ipod's release forshadowed iphoto for windows. In the photo ipod's manual it says that it can import photos from from adobe photoshop album and photoshop elements 3. It's likely they will just stick with that.

I was going to post this on the macosx community, but then decided it was kinda OT.

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Now that shapeshifter supports icon packages, I can make my own icon packages! Which means it'll be easy to back up my icons and change then all at once and distribute them and shit! FUCK YEAH!@
Mega Man Party!

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I wanted to try and fix my mom's cell phone because the cleaning ladies broke it, but I didn't know where it was. So I tried to call my mom and ask her where she left her cell phone so I could try and fix it, and it took about 3 rings before I realized how retarded I was being.

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I just noticed that my savings account was deducting $3 a month for "service fee" that's lame. I can't believe I didn't notice that before. I wonder if it's because I went below some minimum balance or somerthing. My ipod is taking hella long to update my photos.
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So, I'm so starved for music and entertainment during work that I've imported my horrible novelty cds just so that I will have something I havent heard a million times already.

Like this stupid soundtrack. god....

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Mega Man Party!

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I'm listening to the Sailo Moon american CD. it has all the songs that they sing, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I mean, the music is all cheesy 90s synth (I don't know if there are any real insturments except maybe a guitar) but Sailor Moon was such an enjoyable and emotionally rewarding part of my child hood. I Don't know why I didn't enjoy the later seasons that came out when I was in college, maybe I just outgrew them. but yeah, I like this cd. It's nice, and I still know all the words and the parts in the show when they played them. huzzah!
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