November 2nd, 2004

Mega Man Party!

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tooo many new games coming out!!!!!!!
uh, I tried to vote, but there was a giant line. that was sad. So we went to starbucks. we = me and my mom.
I saw Gabe's play last night. He was definently the highlight. Actually the highlight was when they asked me up on stage. It's funny because it looked staged.



don't forget to vote for bush, so we can keep Queers from killing God by expressing love through legal marriage!

work is a buttplug covered with jizz.

10:30 pm
Here I am at my stupid job again, typing up the stupid program that someone typed up less than 6 months ago, and thinking about how great it would be if This fucking place cought up with the times, and wasn't doing everything in word and works, and then throwing away the file because they only have 30GB hard drives. Fuck their gay asses!
The only difference today is that I'm playing music off my ipod, which means that it will actually show the album art in menutunes, and that it will incriment the play count. before it wouldn't because I was playing shared from my computer. desu.
I can't wait until iphoto interface catches up with itunes interface.
last night I was showing pictures to ben, and I heard people behind me being all "OMG! Look at his ipod!!!!!!!" yep, I'm fucking hip, bitch!!!!!

Blah soooo boring.
And pat is all mad that the door keeps getting closed. Now I'm reluctant to close it again. I'll do it anyways.

um, so all the computers are rendering now. making them DVDs. yep... It's nice because I don't feel compelled to do anything. My ipod is incrementing the play count, but it's not showing up when menutunes display comes up. how strange.
Why am I getting excited about the prospect of accurate play count? blah.
I really need to do my thesis. but I just don't want to. man. This is so lame.

yay! I talked to Pat about the fucking door, and she's like "oh, that's fine."
Which is nice because it protects my sanity and my ears. I don't need any more hearing loss than I already have.

HoorayI I voted!
Now I'm listening to katamari damacy and just kinda relaxing/working. man, I wish I had better ability to controll my moodswings. Like, why do I feel warm and content now just sitting here entering shit into a spreadsheet, when doing the same thing this time last week just made me feel horrible and angry. Has my life degraded to the point where things like getting permission to keep the kitchen door closed is a major victory, and will keep me content for the rest of the day. man, my head hurts. It's either a stroke or a pinched nerve from having to sit in the broken reject chairs all the time. There is already 31GB used up on my ipod. wow. However, I'm still not ready to clean off my HD of all the stuff. Especially the iphoto stuff, since iphoto is just kinda riding on the coat-tales of itunes and the ipod. but it is nice.
So, I need to fucking do things that are like homework. Why did I say I would design the friend's website? It shouldn't take long, I just need to stop playing mortal kombat long enough to do it.

God, I wish I had internet here. I would be so much more productive.
This is stupid.

God Damn, Dosen't anyone know how to use a spell check? The Fucking magic book is full of misspellings of basic words like premiere and the !!! Also, We had choreography spelled incorrectly (choregraphy - no "o") in the program for every show this summer!!!!! and we just fucking made these flyers for joseph and they had the ticket price incorrect. it's like !!!!!!!!!!!!!

They fucked up the postcards again. They fucked them up so good that I Can't even fathem how or why they did it!!!! are they just fucking idiots????

Lawrence came by today. I told him to try out for Joseph.
Bored... bored... cold...

Blah! back at home. Stupid Bush doing well. FUCK YOU BUSH!