November 4th, 2004

Shirt day

How was my day today???

hrm.... Should be doing something now...
but all the computers are in use. Which is nice.
I need to go to frys and buy more DVDs. maybe I should read my webdesign book, and write my thesis.......

I decided to drink a lot of water today. I need to do that, I think it will help me feel less like shit from sitting stationary all day. I'm going to buy that kick-ass (literaly) Punching bag on my next paycheck. It's pretty safe to say I'm actually going to use it. I mean, I do enough shadow boxing, plus I would use the punching bag during taiko practice all the time. That was fun!

My ipod is starting to frustrate me with its restrictiveness. What I would like is to be able to sync things instead of just overwritting things. I want to have manual updating on one computer, and automatic updating on my own computer. That way I could play from the ipod at work, and then it would update the playcount on my computer when I sync them... Also when i do things like fix track names and stuff when the ipod is on another computer I want that to cary over. I guess I should look for that "ipod sync" program. it says it works well.
Oh sillyness!

So I guess what I need to do is just take all my music off my computer and keep it all on my ipod and just manage the music manually. then I wont have the problem of Trying to manage things like play count between powerbook and ipod. Well, that's propbably what I'm going to have to do. yes. I have decided.
But one of the weird things is that menutunes dosen't show play count from an ipod??? I should write them an e-mail!!!

If I had the internet I could listen to internet radio!

I've decided that I should cut down on caffeine, so instead of drinking a whole rockstar, I slowly sip one over the course of several days. Today I found a fly in my mouth as I was drinking.

Hrm... I just realized it would be super annoying to have all my music on my ipod, because then I wouldn't be able to burn Cds from it. I would have to use a hack to get my music off the ipod and then import it to itunes and then burn it. and then if I wanted to make a mp3 comp cd it would be even more of a hassle! that's lame. man... Someone explain to me how this is better than microsoft?

I could really go for some green tea right about now.

God, if I had the internet, sitting here watching the clock tick by would be better.
I'm gonna read now.
man, my right shoulder really hurts.
I have over 12 days of music, and it's already getting stale. maybe I should start listening to the radio. that would rock!

Oh man, I just don't want to do anything anymore.