November 9th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

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today at work I should:
a) make thoes tutorials
b) start planning for the joseph media
c) make the website
d) not eat any flies
e) fill out my aribtron thing
f) read my color management book.
g) maybe write something...
h) Make the joseph flyer and Joseph Poster. I think I'm going to make a big one. Oh, I also have to make the guys and dolls poster for the box. yeah, I should do something rad.
i) put all the stockphotography on to an external HD. maybe one of thoes cool bus powered ones.

Santa Cruz

This is the e-mail I sent to my college office yesterday:

Hi Deborah, This is Chris Webster.
How is the current school year going? I haven't been up to campus since mid summer, but I hear it's gotten pretty packed lately, especially with all the newly opened on campus housing.
I was wondering what state my graduation is currently in. I haven't heard anything from the school since early summer when they told me there was an inconsistency with my declared major and my major on file, which was corrected 3 months ago. My advisor, prof. Alvarez said that she has signed everything that she has received. Is the school waiting for me to come down there and fill out more forms or is there something that was sent to me that got lost in the mail?
any information would be appreciated. Thank you very much.
-Chris Webster

This is what I got back this morning:

Chris, congratulations! You are now graduated and all you have to do is wait (and wait and wait) for your diploma to come through the mail! It will take time for the actual diploma to reach you but it is a done deal. If you ever need to document that you have graduated, the Registrar's Office can give you a certificate of completion.

Pretty cool, huh?
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I noticed that the track names on my Buffy the musical mp3s are incorrect. The first track is "main title" and then the next track is "overture/going through the motions" - except there is no main title. The track called "main title" is actually the overture/ going through the motions"
Is anyone elses CDDB track names like this?

So... yep.

I really like the "we both reached for the gun" song from the chicago movie. Particually the dancing. the song is good, but the dancing makes it so much better.

I want to go home. but the thing is, there really isn't anything at home that I am looking forward to. I mean, yeah Brittany and I have the secret project, but that's it. and then another boring day of work. I think I will try and make a cool Joseph flyer.
shit. I have hella stuff I want to do at work, for work but I get so bogged down in the menial making DVDs crap.

This is so boring.

yeah, so I'm graduated now. Actually I've been graduated for the last 2 months, I just didn't know it! cool, huh?
Man, I just want to do some designing shit.
Man, I need to get all excited about stuff and then make the friend's website. I also want to make a kickass poster for joseph.