November 10th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

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what do I do today? Will it be interesting? will it be entertaining?
no. it will not.
I do neeed to take a shower. I don't want to go home, because the carpet cleaning people will be there. maybe I can go wander around in the rain. or something.
dick suck.
I typed up my costs sheet for doing picture selling. maybe that will happen.
now I just need to create a a system for the distrabution and such. huzzah!

Last night brittany and I assulted Zoe and her housemates. Then Ms. B. Warren sung the vibrator song.
Thoes songs are funny. I need to get some copies of them on to my computer! maybe from karen, or maybe from my old computer!

I wrote something!

Guilty Gear Isuka came today!
Also, uh.
I like the new

Street Fighter III was such an awesome game!

Kim, the choreographer casually asked if i was interested in a bit part in some play somewhere. By "bit part" I mean, go on stage for 2 minutes then run off kind of thing. I told her I was interested because why shouldn't I? that made me happy.
It also made me think about how I'm getting a lard belly, and need to do some exercises to deal with that. and by "some exercises" I mean "any excercise" I also need to update my "ónline résúmé."
Mega Man Party!

(no subject)

I saw the incredibles with my family -Dad, and guilty gear came in the mail.
Guilty gear is confusing (yes, much more so than the original insanity fest) and the incredibles is a very enjoyable movie. It did a very good job of transporting me away from reality and reminding me how I really wish I had superpowers. it also reminded me how I still find junior high romance fascinating and how I wish I was a kid again.
I would have had a better day except I had another one of thoes, "why do I even put any effort into my job?" moments right at the end of the day, and that really kind of ruined my evening and reminded me how horrible being an adult with no superpowers can be. Tomorrow I'm going to
no, tomorrow is a holiday.
On friday I am going to force him to read the thing I made. but I am so certain that he just tries to be contrary. what a jerk. Please god never let me be like that!!!!!

um yeah. I really enjoyed that movie. so... I guess I'm going to quietly play guilty gear by myself. or if anyone else comes over, I'll do that.

Dead end jobs can fuck themselves!