November 18th, 2004

Command Mission!

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I went to go poo and get paid for it, but henry was in the back bathroom, and michael was in the front bathroom!!!!!!! And I didn't feel like going in the dressing room bathroom, so I just have to sit here and tthink about how long I will have to wait until the old man going poo smell goes away...

Sometimes it's kinda nice that I don't have to try.
I could just sit here and do nothing, or play the sims or something and no one would no. I mean, Michael hasn't even checked to see what progress I've made over the last year. I'm glad he trusts me enough for that.

Wow, michael actually talked to me today about
IT's amazing how much better my job gets when I actually have neat stuff to think about. Like, I just get sooooo tired of doing the same shit over and over.

I think I should change my work schedual around so that I work here even less. That will let me do other jobs other places.

I am addicted to megaman command mission!!!!!!
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