November 27th, 2004


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i cant believe that my $2000 computer from 2002 barely meets the minimum requirements to play this game! Windows is such a piece of shit!!!!
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uh yeah. So.... After I restarted the Sims2 ran slightly faster. at least it loaded in a reasonable amoount of time. But I think I'm going to just compleatly reinstall everything now. But Windows is just so Shitty. Also, my graphics card really isn't robust to play this game. WTF! 16MB of video memory??? arg. It's like I'm playing a slow version of the first game even with everything set to lowest quality. But I really don't need to spend $300 just to play this $30 game. I think I'll just have to wait until May for the Mac version to come out....

On a different note, The network connection to Windows from a Mac has really really improved over the last 5 .x upgrades. it's like "Which share do you want to mount?" and I was like "HOLY SHIT!" and then it worked! kick ass! I'm trying to get the remnants of important stuff off the vaio now so that I can wipe it.

ok, so Actyually Finder completly crashed and wont restart because I was trying to copy too many things from the VAIO at once. Obvioulsy a problem caused by windows, but grrrrr...

uh have to restart. Thanks alot windows!
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Shirt day

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apparently the drivers for the built in soundcard in my vaio have been blocked by microsoft. so... yeah. I can't even explain how retarded this is.
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