November 30th, 2004


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Man, I can't believe what Bush is saying... "I'm the kinda of guy who does what he thinks is right. I'll consult with our friends and neighbors, but if I think it's right I'll keep doing it. If I think it's right to remove Sadam for the Safety of the US, I'll do it."
That was from a recent meeting with the PM of Canada.

man, I'm so bored right now. I'm so glad I have the radio to listen to now. But I really wish I had the internet also. But that would probably decrease my productivity.

* Gingerbread man show... need to DVD it.

god, listening to 910am is frusteration. The people are just so racist and bigited. but I think it's important to hear what other people are thinking. It's irresponsible to try and be a resbonsible american and not even listen to what the rest of the country are saying. I want to write an e-mail to them and say thanks for fighting for the preservation of the right to freedom of speach. I think It's important for people who want to say "immagrants are poor and should die" on the radio have as much right to say it as Howard Stern saying stuff. THE SAVAGE NATION! "The devious left wing machine has infected the brains of immagrants with hatred towards white people."

I dont know why Michael is so mean and gruff sometimes.

866328drop auctiondrop.

I want to keep alot of my older stuff for my children. so they can play nintendo and super nintendo and stuff. I love playing with my parent's old stuff, and they always say they had more better stuff, but they got rid of it. I'm not going to do that. ABC code