December 1st, 2004


The Way back time zone!


so imagine... it's 1957 and you're forced to watch a film in class. and there's two boys sitting on a lawn mower, one of them with an unchanged voice and the other says to him: hey, guess what, I had a wet dream last night. You would think that was kinda weird. In fact, I think it's weird now!
Plus the fact that for most of the movie, 13 year old boys are sitting around shirtless, or are changing in the background. It's like some weird homoerotic/pedophile thing that rivals the gay pimp music videos.
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yep, it's time for work again!
I'm sad because Howard stern has diareeah, and had to go early. bleep bloop.
Micahel is going to be gone from 11:00 to 1:30. ooo young love on the WB!!! wow! it's like watching TV at work, only it's radio!
I don't feel like listening to christian talk radio today. that was annoying. desu.

how to make your own luck.
& Cool Careers for dummies.

lescher center for the performer arts in walnut creek.

did I mention how michael was upset that the laws of physics remained constant? yeah.. I was dissapointed too.