December 3rd, 2004

Mega Man Party!

I'm sorry, I can't, Don't Hate me!

I just watched 1 and a half DVDs of Sex in the City Season 6. It made me really happy! the writting is so good. and it's just so great!!

I love charolett's annoying gay friend. I think it's so great that thoes two characters are friends, because they are sooo opposite! Holy shit, That was a fun 3 hours!
Luffy Crack

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It seems like Bush's apointment of the Former Police Chief of NY is the new head of homeland security. It seems like he has diverse experience, and both red and blue side are e4njoying him.

I want to see blade 3 in theatres. I've seen the other 2 in theatres, and seriously enjoyed them despite ravi esq critism of the movies' flaws. Good, fun action movies.

I really think the thing I hate about this place is that it would be very easy to change things for the better here, but I just don't have permission. I hate to think about how great the wingspread tshirts and the yearbook were, and then think about how the programs remain HORRIBLE!!!!
FUCK I hate this so much. I hate being powerless to fix things that are right in front of me, and I'm just sitting here putting fucking lables on pictures when I should be designing the Dynamic database.
Fuck, I need a break. I'm going to e-mail michael tonight and say that I'm going to take some time off until there is someone to teach this stuff to.

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MM2 ending

I think I've reached a new low... Oh my God!

my god. i just realized how lame I am being. i wont even tell you what I'm doing it's so fucking lame I'm ashamed. and no, it's not looking at nude patches for the sims2 that dosen't even work on my computer, it's even lamer and sadder. I can't wait to hang out with mia tomorrow. jdjklsdajkldsafjkldfsa

Maybe I should play banjo now....
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