January 30th, 2005


Money Money money!

So I gather the paid user status of this community has expired? does that mean I (or whoever) should just donate another year of paid status, or does anyone have a better suggestion?

So seeing as the search isn't working, who would like to tell me the pros and cons of buying (and subsequently using) turbotax deluxe vs Quicken or some other program?
I live in california, and am planing to claim the standard deductions, so my taxes really aren't complicated, but I do want to get into the habit of using a program to do my taxes. Also, I work at the apple store and would really like to be able to give intelligent feedback about turbotax and quicken and similar programs when people ask "which one is better"
Alternately, if someone can point me to a review or comparison of turbotax vs quicken or quickbooks or anything (or the LJ post where this was discussed a few months ago) that would be equally great. (When I search for stuff like this myself I usually end up at pricegrabber.com reading a single 3 sentence user review.)
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