February 1st, 2005



I personally curse all the jerks that make programs that break from my unicode directories!!! you are jerks! I shouldn't have to rename my downloads folder just to make applescript send terminal a stupid path with unicode in it. JERK!

but it's been fun staying up till 4:14 am trying to figure out how to run shell scripts from applescript.

I figured out that I can make it executable from finder, so that's pretty good.
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Luffy's Shirt


Well friends, I now have a bluetooth keyboard. I named it "Fingery friend" and it is my new friend that works on bluetooth! isn't that amzing??? now I don't have as many wires and shit going to my computer.
Some day I'll get a nice bluetooth mouse to dick around with, but that day is not today.
but I now have a nice USB keyboard for when I get the much needed Mac Mini!
I also went with my mom to FRYS and bought "Windows Pro Missing manual" book for free. also, I got her to buy a 300GB SATA HD with 16MB buffer for her computer. I'm going to use it as the main drive, because her current one is 160GB, and it makes weird noises, and my plan from the beginning was to swap it out for a larger one. And Maxtor makes good drives, so I'm not worried.
I need to get something set up with the old G4 to get some Networkbackups going on for our various projects. Maybe I'll get two of thoes 500GB external drives and back up to that.
I also Got turbotax. hey, I can type from hella far away. I really miss having a wireless keyboard I HELLA used the one at college. it's too bad it's only PS2 ports, or I would just use that again. hrm..... maybe I should look into that. I should give it to my dad, so at least its not sitting in the closet. hohoho! I am 8 feet away from my computer...
Hey, this would be nice for theatre, then I could just long distance controll everything...

actually... we have thoes extra keyborads laying around, I could just hook thoes up! oh wow, that's actually a really good idea! hahahahahahahaha!
I just have to start remembering to turn my keyboard off.
hahaha, I have 2 ipods. blah, don't know what to do with the 20GB. maybe I'll just put stock photos on it and stuff.... blarp.
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Mega Man Party!

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I like the fact that I actually read about my credit card and that info and stuff. it makes me feel like I'm doing a good job. huzzah!
man, this weather makes me so excited about working. I came up with an awesome idea for applescript to create little html links to your currently playing song and album art using your .mac account. isn't that awesome?
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