March 3rd, 2005


I'm so tired!!!

it's really annoying how apple dosen't give retail workers enough training. it's like, we're supposed to be selling machines for photoshop and final cut pro, but half the people there haven't even used final cut pro! let alone newer programs like logic 7, or SHAKE!
and it's like, if pro users can't come in and talk to us about that kind of stuff, why should they go to the apple store vs frys?
I wish i had some basic training.... blah. I get to finish photoshop stuff tomorrow! huzzah!

I can't belive I used to like this album. it seems so boring now...
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dear apple,
Hello. Please rename iPhoto to "iShit" or possibly "sirSucksalot!" or maybe "iDooshbag"
That is all
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Mega Man Party!

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