March 12th, 2005


PACT things

Hi! this is chris from the Children's Theatre.
Man, the combo of summer days and Instant coffee makes me super happy. I think I get manic in the summer, and then burn up my energy and that's why I always wake up tired. but yeah, Instant coffee makes me happy! it has more caffein than thoes expressos.
Also Jets to Brazil makes me happy in the summer. Man, I wish I could move back into my single in B side of Porter and just lay naked in the sun looking out on the meadow and listening to Jets To Brazil CD#1. Orange Rhyming Dictonary.
man, As soon as they get some more people working at the apple store I'm going to cut down my work week so I can read more about server options, and then actually create the Filemaker Database. Man, That would be fucking great. I now have all the tools, My FMP7 app, my Books on how to do it, all I need is time.
Then I could probably work With Bob to get something cool worked out so that it is small business related.
Right now I am cleaning up photos for PACT. I am removing crap from a slide where all the people's faces are coverd with little shit marks. THat is lame. but at the same time, it's much more interesting than doing other things, like making fing DVDs. I'm going to have to talk to pat about how the charlie brown picture sucks. it's Bad photography 101.

So Tekken 5 came last night. It's fun. seems smoother than Tekken 4, but it also seems not as new. I think because the jump from 3 to 4 is much greater (new hardware) than 4 to 5. Although I am impressed with the changes to marduk. I wish I had hard core fighting game housemates so it would justify the potential hours of practieing and studying. yep. I have a pink iPod case. Huzzah!

2:27 ok, now photoshop has crashed. There is something wrong with this coomputer. I dont want to have to restardt. ok, I restarted. haha sudo shutdown -r now!!!! Thankfully I finished printing the thing before it crashed. I'm going to check for corrupt prefrences. I am loathe to

hrm... So... What's everyone up to? anything fun?
I would like to remind everyone that I would like a TREO 650 so that I can do AIM and LJ on the fly. that would rock!

3:02pm: It's hilarious how some people really don't have any photographic framing sense. and how thoes people consistantly frame photos poorly or on retarded criteria. like "oh, you should be able to see their hat!" or "I don't like where his hand is." or "this one is brighter."

This job is great when It's not frustrating and futile. I need to figure out how to make backups of all the iphoto shit. actually I can do that now...
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Mega Man Party!

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I feel like I'm so annoyed! I was supposed to get together with eyecancer this afternoon but I don't want to anymore. I'm so tired of seeing the same people.

What sucks is that jiro said they wanted to go to the movies but jonasan wanted to do something else :-(.

Oh yeah. I went to gaming group with folks Tuesday but reedeo is getting favors from the game master. I'm never gaming with them again!  

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