March 14th, 2005

Command Mission!

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Hello. This is Chris.
Today Alex and I bought a filing cabinent.
I really want a treo 650. I need to take pictures of each day of my life. And then they need to be journled through livejournal and iphoto. Also, I need to make that app that uploads the song album art to a server when you post.
So my filing cabinent is right next to my desk, effectivly extending my desk space. isn't that awesome????
hrm... my kick ass casio camera is now not working at all. Also it takes hella long for my ipod to update. I need to hack my ipod and replace the picture that it shows. Change the Do not disconect thing.
Wow, my iskin ipod already has a scratch on it. good thing I have that case, or else it would be the iPod and not the case
I need to deveolpe some LJ icons that reflect my status at apple as well as ipod stuff. or something.
Wow, I got $18 for my cashback for February! wow I'm glad I switched to a cashback credit card. that's pretty awesome!
Also I like my bluetooth keyboard. it is awesome!
Wow, I'm looking through old bank records, and stuff and it's making me super nostalgic. Like my bank statements from '01 and stuff, and I'm like "omg I'm getting old, do I have anything to show for it?"
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