March 26th, 2005


The savage nation!

good mornig!
this is the morning time! I "fixed" my laptop so now it is at a comporable height to my monitor.
I need a camera. hrm... maybe I shold just buy it now. I can get an exilim for 4Megapixel for $199 through work, or I can get it for like $250. but I'm also pretending to save up for things like Lazik eye surgery. and just general future investments in general.
at least I have a 401k plan now. and my IRA is slowy getting bigger.

God Damn I am awesome! I totally have a clean workspace! Fuck staying up late! darkness is for fags! I can't get over how great and happy I feel when it is sunny. It's like "Time for boring ass PACT work! yes!!!!!"

I love how even though I'm in charge of archiving, I'm all "blah, too much work to file this program. We have others, I'll just thorw it away." and then complain about how the mess is caused by exactly that behaviour.

Now I feel tired. This is the problem, I just wear myself out too quickly.

Ok, so I get to make the peter pan poster, but michael's like "make a ribbon". and I sit down to do that and I'm all. "wait, what the hell does a ribbon have to do with peter pan? and what kind of ribbon? like a banner? or like 1st place ribbon? and how is this going to say peter pan??? a ribbon?" oh well, I'll just make something ghetto and random and generic.

NOw it is past midnight, and Patrick and Ravi and I watched an awesome movie about hot guys having uncontrollable crushes on each other, and then boning a chick together and it was awesome. they hella showed Jizzzz and wangs! Patrick super enjoyed it, and would not stop talking about how hot the 17 year old guys were. We also talked about Wooden teeth. we meaning ravi. Patrick mostly talked about Jizz and ana banana, which was the name of one of the prostitutes in the movie.
ooooommmmmmmm titties!
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