March 29th, 2005


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This song has really grown on me!

I also really like Full Metal Alchemist. It's great Bubblegum Boy's anime. Similar to Trigun, except I think Trigun kinda fell apart towards the end. It is the highlight of my week to wake up and drink cofee and watch full metal and Ghost in the shell. two very good serises.

So Max is being put to sleep as I write this. I'm pretty sad. Actually i'm a lot of things. I am Glad that he's not Stumbling around the house half dead, meowing and starving. It's really frusterating to know that there's nothing that you can do.
I'm glad I wrote my Cats Journey book. I think it's funny that I wrote that almost exactly a year ago. I think I'm going to print it out through the iPhoto book printing system. Then I can put it on the coffee table. and people can read it. and be like, this is weird.
Maybe one day I will proof read it.
My room is cleaner than it's been in a while. I'm really getting a handle on my finances. I found out that I can track my Sales Tax, and then get a refund or a deduction. I got about $1100 back from taxes this year. I'm going to buy a new camera. and take pictures of action figures. yeah. I guess. I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe I'm going to dwell on the fact that I don't have enough pictures of things in this desperate attempt to make everything permanent. I need to find a balance.
I guess I really like Anime, because the characters really have to work to win. They are constantly in an unstable balance between overcoming their hardships and over-embracing their hardships. It's not like american media where everything works out, and the only conflict comes from exterior sources. Even Dragon Ball Z, which is realitivly platonic has evidence of this. even though Goku is super strong and an awesome fighter he Dosen't want to fight, and he has to balance between the need to fight to save his friends and the earth, and fighting too much and losing his humanity.
That's why I hated superman. So boring, and I was jealous that he was perfect. Bleep bloop. but yeah. I mean, Alfonse gave up his body. Anything he does now, any thing he has that I others might be envious of is offset by the fact that he is not human. It's a lifelong, universal conflict. Nothing's easy for Anime Characters, and that makes them much more human.


I feel like a lot of things.
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my new belt

1:45 So I went outside and Helped bury Maxwell. It wasn't that bad. I'm that I actually did it. I mean, when pixel was put to sleep, I just kinda pretended I didn't notice that she was not around. I felt like I'm one step closer to balancing my frustrating love/hate relationship with death. I wonder how obvious it is. I mean, the Zombie Play? what do you think motivate me to write about a zombie being the hero?
Well, I feel fine now. kinda sad, but at the same time happy. But if I think about the past, I can make myself more sad. If I don't think about it I feel less sad. Is the best way to deal with this just to not think about it? Or what? What part should I think about? Did I mention that I like this song playing?
I kinda want to just sit around in my room. I also want to buy a new camera at Frys. I like my new belt. it is a nice day out today. Maybe I will just go walk around. or go to frys. or something.
The good part is that I will feel fine tomorrow.
it was just like he was sleeping. Oh conflict.
I think I will take the mummy Wraps off my iClear.

06:13 pm
I really like this belt Lauren Convinced me to buy! Super Score!!!
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