April 18th, 2005

Apple fish


THis is cool:

Man, I want my treo so bad. I always have a desire to write things down, but then I can't because I don't have a treo. I'm going to leave in 3 minutes. that will be awesome. I hope I don't smell like poo.
I also want to make more LJ icons.

I rode the motorcycle for the first time yesterday! it was fun. But I need to change my bike riding reflexes so that they are motorcycle reflexes. because if I grab the clutch instead of the brake it dosent really slow down, but I need to have both the brake and the clutch in for them to stay stopped. so there's still a lot of learning to do.... maybe tomorrow night.

hahah this song is awesome.

ok, today I am going to make my LJ music posting thing.
Also I am going to maybe re-buy my paid LJ account, and urbanpirates.net HUzzah!
ok, I'm off to work again!
look at my apple fish!

I like Cats!!!!!
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    Ode To A Superhero - Weird Al Yankovic - Poodle Hat
Mega Man Party!

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ok, so I have two pieces of working applescript code written by other people that I need to cobble together to make a new one that ftps album art to a server, and then returns html of the art and the now playing info on the clipboard.
this is hard...