April 20th, 2005


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"If your program has peaks in the audio, you can either recapture the audio at a better level, or edit the audio appropriately to avoid them. You can use the Mark Audio Peaks command to automatically identify audio peaks in clips or sequences. It’s then up to you to decide what to do—not use those sections of audio or rerecord them. For detailed information about the Mark Audio Peaks command, see Volume II, Chapter 18, “Diagnostic Tools for Clips.” "

oh Good....

so I got my Treo today. I feel kinda gross. my neck hurts from crappy sleeping.
I just need to make some box art for the things now.

Hrm... new Gorillaz is kinda B- for my personal tastes.
Gosh, I feel like I don't have my life together...
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    Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz - Demon Days