April 21st, 2005


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good morning!
all my shit is going to expire. that's ghetto.
i am calling krbon.

ok, I fixed my address book. huzzah! now I just need to make my palm device recognize that I fixed it! huzzah!
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Mega Man Party!

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so, I just found out that I'm not supposed to post or comment on any mac related site or message board. oh well.
At least I can still write here, as long as I don't give away any company secrets. Hopefully I won't do that, but yarp yarp!

hello journal. I need to do some to do listing.
I like my new treo phone.
I really need some caffeine They need to have an opacity setting on all the windows. like a slider at the top somewhere that changes the opacity of a window. That could reeally mess with some applications.
There is a huge mosquito here, and it's huge. man, I need to take some more pictures.
I just bought a TREo, and now I'm like "oh, I should buy a SD card for it." I really am not happy with anything, I just keep looking for the next cool thing to buy.
I need to get back into a position that lets me be creative and stuff. or to you know, have problem solving opurtunities. I really didn't drink coke much in japan.
Coke kinda makes my stomach hurt now, and that sucks. I wanted to make zombie play box art, but I don't have time.
Mega Man Party!

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I dont even have a cool teenager's room! I just have a super baren room covered in boxes and crap, and I'm really overheating

I have too much stuff.
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