April 27th, 2005

Mega Man Party!

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So, I finally
Watched the Cabaret that I had on Netflix. I really want to write the script for the thing I have.
But at the same time, I kinda want to just sit and read Manga. that would be fun. Screw being productive.
oh, I need to e-mail michael.
god I hate having stuff to do outside of work.

I like this song, it kinda sucks that it is a nazi anthem. It's pretty. Fucking Nazis they ruined all these pretty things like the 卍swastika卍 and pretty songs and stuff. (that's the manji (gammadion, fylfot) kanji. Look up thoes words.)

um.... yeah. what to do... I have rehersal at 6:30 and then I work all night. this is kinda gonna suck. I feel lonley. or soemthing. hrm.... well. I don't want to clean. Maybe I will just read manga. or something.
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    Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Reprise) - Michele Pawk, Denis O'Hare & Company - Cabaret: The New Broadway