May 3rd, 2005

Mega Man Party!

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AAAAAA programming is so fucking hard when you can't just ask people questions!!!!

when making an automator applescript, the parameters passed to it are an array?
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Man oh man. I really don't know what to do with my time right now.

I really wish I could get away from computers.
there is absolutely nothing in my life that I want right now, and thus I feel like I have no point. the only thing I want is something to do, and something to work toward. I'm really tempted to just take up drinking like other people, and just not have to think about how I waste my day looking for Livejournal to entertain me, or trying to get my fucking music organized. I can't even believe how obsessed with music I have become lately. god.
I need to get organized and pay my credit card bill again. I'm going to mark in my iCal when I pay that.
Also, all the contacts in my phone are corrupt, and make it restart when I text messae people. which is fuckin lame. hrm...
I tried to write a screen play, but I have no motivation, and the script just sounds like a whiney version of high fidelity and fight club. actually my script is essentially fight club, but in a different package at this point. maybe I should stick to writting children's stories.
Maybe I should I dont know. I can't believe I have no motivation to do anything right now, and my fucking two days of no work are going to be up and then I have like 5 days of work. errrrrrrgg. I just feel so lonely and bored and uninspired and frusterated.
and I'm sick of reading manuals and then not making anything.

I went to the Gym today, and I was like, wow - since I have nothing else to focus on I could start going to the gym a lot.
Still seems empty. blahhhhhhh. I need something to inspire me to do stufff.