June 6th, 2005

Mega Man Party!

It seems that everything is workgin

I really like my computer. And I like the way that it works well. yep. I like all that. Dashboard is funny.

I have all these charges on my credit card from the Apple store. And Im' like... "I have no idea what I bought for $100 at the apple store." I'm kinda worried. oh wait, now I remember. stuff my mom was going to re-imburse me for. that's right....
but that only accounts for one line item...
Mega Man Party!


So, I've seen everyone's music things, and I'm going to make mine soon.
I think my favorite songs right now are strangely my favorite songs from 2 or 3 years ago. but maybe I need to find a place to fit in Brat Pack from the new rocket summer album.
Ok... I kinda picked by favorite song from my favorite artists. (except Madonna. I only like that one song)
* Always - Rilo Kiley
* Air traffic control - Jets to Brazil
* the space ship song - The Advantage
* Sailing Day - BUMP OF CHICKEN
* This is me - The Rocket summer
* Ray of Light - Madonna

Other songs:
* Surf wax america
* Opera Singer - cake
* Such great heights - Postal Service version and Iron and Wine version
* Foggy Mountain Breakdown & derivitives.
* Brave new Girl - Brittney Spears

What the hell is this song??? that is playing now?

People who have a mac and Tiger should do this:

It lets you get a personal key for your e-mail. I sugest Parker looks into it.

oh yeah, people who need to do the music meme:
Parker, Alex um... Dick Chaney. um... yeah
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