June 12th, 2005

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oh me oh my.

I think I felt really bad because I didn't drink enough cofee yesterday.
I think... um I dont know. I need to take more fish pills. fuck drugs. I need to make my fake japanese passport. and stuff.

blap blarp! need more cofee.
my poo hurt from all the flaming hot cheetos (this one is for mia!)
erotic photos.
I bought a one month membership to suicide girls, just to see what it was about. kinda silly.

my cat is making noises.
Mega Man Party!


As you all know, my birthday is comming up (June 23rd) and I'm going to need some gifts.
I think I need these in a medium.

also, there will be a BBQ on the 23rd in the afternoon/evening. I think I will invite more people officially soon.