October 4th, 2005

Mega Man Party!

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Photo_10, originally uploaded by zerobatsu.

Today I fibally get my new computers at the children's theatre. This is a picture of groucho, chico and harpo - G4 eddition. They are about to be reborn as G5s. plus they are getting their baby brother zeppo to join them. Also we now have a a network raid box, which is going to receive the name of that fat woman that was in all their movies.

so I came in early because I was like, I can hella plan stuff but there really isn't that much to plan, so now I'm just sitting here kinda doing nothing. I guess I could type out my work plan, but it's all theory untll we get the machines, so it could all change in like 4 hours.

So... Now i'm sitting here reading the privateer manual. I should eat breakfast and then write something.