October 21st, 2005

Command Mission!

spit on a stranger!

Why do I want the new ipods so badly????
I really don't need a new ipod, but I just... Want it.....
but no.... That would be silly.
Although I need to figure out how to balance my photos and stuff, because right now my ipod is overflowing with photos and dosent have room for my music.

but marrrrrrrrr.... um...

the easy street apartment was rented out because we didn't jump on it. But Nick Dulin is doing an awesome job of being proactive about all this, which helps because I'm stuck at work all day, and not really supposed to use my phone.
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    Spit On a Stranger - Nickel Creek - This Side
Mega Man Party!


Cuties, originally uploaded by zerobatsu.

You know what is really cute? Bread. I think bread is super soft and super cute! When I was in kindergarten, we went to the bread factory, and we got a loaf of bread, and it was so soft and cute. I didn't want to eat it! this bread just seemed so cute, sitting in its little box looking happy and cute! So innocent and yet honest... Oh bread...