October 22nd, 2005


Julia Johari and Nickel Creek!


I work up hella early because my dad needed to be picked up from Dropping off his Truck. So yes... That White Truck that everyone just assumed had never run ever because it was always in the same place is now gone.

hrm... why did I wake up so early? What am I going to do with myself today?
oh, I know I'll scan some old pictures and put them into iphoto, while simultaniously working on my monster.com resume. Also I need to go look for houseing while simultaniously um.... I forgot

oh, I said I'd hang out with Anna Markov.
man, I still have inside jokes that Keep popping back up that I want to tell people about, but then I realize that the only one who was privy to the joke is adrian.
What if I made all my journal icons just my friends' that would be funny. blah, my battery is running out... that makes me sad....

Song: Spit On a Stranger
Album: This Side
Artist: Nickel Creek
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