November 5th, 2005

Mega Man Party!

a Slice of Theatratics

This is a translation of a conversation at work today:
Pat: the unlabled documents that are formatted for legal sized paper that I am compulsivly printing out so that I can put them in a pile on my desk and then have someone more into an unlabled box don't seem to be comming out of the printer. Someone needs to fix that.
Diane: Fucking learn to use your god damned computer!!!! This is the last time I waste an hour fighting with the printer because you're too lazy to set the printer to print to the correct paper size!!!!!! If you're so lazy that you can't bother to set the tray manually, then print to the printer that will auto-select. and if you have to print your spreadsheets in color, then maybe you'll just have to deal with haveing to click 4 more times to tell it to print on legal sized paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE RETARDED AND FAT!!!!!!!

This ends my entry.

actually no. I just want to say that eveyone is really getting tired of how rediculious Pat is to work with. but I'm glad that people are starting to say "no" to her mental neurotic shit a little more now. I like to think I managed to spearhead this a bit.