November 16th, 2005

Mega Man Party!

Franz kafka

Franz kafka, originally uploaded by zerobatsu.

Omg I'm in gunn theatre. I have decuded that I feel awkard going on to high school campases. I think because I feel like I'm still living the life I was 8 years ago. Probably because I am. At least it's an excuse to go outside.... I keep thinking I sjould get addicted to coke or something, just because it would give me something to be passionate about. But I know that it would just make me be lazy and lounge around. Hrm... There are lots of asians at gunn... Palo alto high school students are annoying. God, shut up about your college prep class...! oh man... This is why I don't like going to these things by myself... Because I can't drown this out with conver sation.