February 5th, 2006

Apple fish

something interesting

Last night I went to Sashi's birthday party. It was nice, and after not being able to get in his apartment complex for like 20 minutes, I finally did. Why did I write that sentence in that manner?
So... yeah...
But for like the first time in my life I went to a party and was enthusiastically given a phone number. That was rewarding.
I also got to talk with google and apple employees. that was fun. Sashi has great nerd parties.

So now I go for the final day of the boring our country's good show. then strike. blah... so boring....
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Mega Man Party!

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OMG, I fucking spent all day at the palo alto players, and I get a total of $50 for the whole time.
I was there 10 hours today, and that alone should be like $50. Why did I get roped into this?