February 17th, 2006

Command Mission!

Blow me Bagpipes!

I woke up early today, but it's like "why did I do that?"
now I'm just sitting here kinda waiting until the last possible second to put my clothes on (not that I'm naked, I mean my clothes I'm actually going to wear) and then leave. I kinda want to drink another cup of coffee just because I can.
I tried to do my quicken last night, but I got frusterated because A) I have a hole for july where I didn't download my account activity. and B) I forgot how to use the program. and C) I'm like "why do I even bother doing this?"
oh, and then I'm like oh, so I can deduct the actual amount of sales tax I spend, when I import it to turbotax. Hopefully turbotax will work, because I only got the delux, and in 2005 I actually aquired a bunch of mutual funds and stuff. hrm...
I need a new job. and some therapy or something. and all sorts of other motivation.
I wish I could get up this earl every day.
I also want to put a light on a timer that just blasts bright light in my face at 7am everyday.
I think the MegamanX7 character art for axel is cool.
I thought it was funny that scar had no arms for his final episode. hahaah. I was like "what? now you have no arms! what are you planning?"
Hrm... somehow my journal has turned into some discussion of video games and anime. I guess it's nice to see some things havent changed in 5.5 years!!!