April 1st, 2006

Command Mission!

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I missed bobby's party because I was like "I'm not going to miss it, I'll put it on my calendar." but then put it on sunday, which is tomorrow. booo-urns.

I worte a story as compesation:

"moooo mooo moooo"

what makes a snail so boring? I think snails are GREAT! they slither and slime, and they look cool too!
When I was first thinking about riding to school on the back of a snail, I was filled with a fear of pandemic porportions! my biggest fear was that I was going to squish the snail. I mean, it's only like 1 inch tall, and I'm already over 4 feet!
but then I got an idea. what if I put a whole mess of snails on top of each other and then ride thoes to school! It would be great I thought!
I would be like... the snail king!
Then everyone would have to obey me and my commands.
If they didn't, I would command my snails to slime all over them!

There was only one problem... the slug queen!
Everyone knows that snails and slugs are mortal enemies. One insists on wearing a shell, the other refuses - leading to endless strife and disagreement.
The girl who lives down the street is the slug queen, and i have a bad feeling that she is going to thawart me at every turn. I can imagine it now... Thwart, thwart... slime slime. There would be so much slime from the collective snail and slug face off that slime would roll down the street, and everyone would be devastated!

The end
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