September 22nd, 2006

Mega Man Party!

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Photo_09, originally uploaded by zerobatsu.

I am back from japan. I am sleep deprived out of my head. Did you iknow I ws in japan? I took 555 photos. Exactly. I feel bizzaro. I should take a nap. Hrm... Yeah, i'm not fit to frive rigt now. Maybe I will charge my phone... I am laying in my old bed in my parents house. I like spending time woth my cats. Also, tekken 5:DR is awesome.

The photo is the sun set in japan just above thw clouds. I wish I had a ca.era other than my phone, it was great! I will do more projects starting mobday.

I kkeep lapsing into daydreams about how much I hate the pact. I think michaelb is a disgusting human being. Thanks for telling me my friend is a "fucking idiot"

... Jerk.