September 24th, 2006

Mega Man Party!


good afternoon.
I am back in my apartment for the first time in like a month.
yeah. i'm just lazying around. i woke up late, and then eat a little.
i am hungry.
i thikn i will read more dr slump. but mainly yes.

i had all these things i wanted to do when i got back, like sew and clean and play banjo, but now it's like i just can't be botherd. i am excited that mike is interested in cleaning house. man.
I've just been fixing album art in itunes all morning, which is like a weird OCD procrastination thing that I do. I do think the new itunes works well, especially with it on the mac min and streaming to my laptop. also, being able to select a library is awesome. i was going to say something. like, i should do my dishes. or i should clean.
but should i just relax? i think i've done too much relaxing.

ah, the endless noises of children about the apartment has started once again. wow, it's fall out. it looks cold and stuff.