October 1st, 2006

Mega Man Party!

Movie preview

Movie preview, originally uploaded by zerobatsu.

So... Today I laid around nathan's apartment the whole day. It was... Lame for the most part. I really want to find a good job.

in other news, there is stuff going on that is... Strange. Strange and strange... Movie previews are lame. I think I should do some of the things that I have been too lazy to do... Like... Read books and leave the house... Mostly leave the house.

ugg... I fucking hate the chainsaw massacure preview it's really creepy and i'm tired being subjected to it.

Wow SMG is really starting to be in a lot of horror mvoies. Man, thete need to be a roger rabbit sequel.

Man... We're seeing a fucking kung fu movie, why are there so many FUCKING horror movie previews????

Oh well.... Grrr...