October 20th, 2006


Hello Today

Good morning Live Journal!
Ok, I just spent like 30 minutes trying to find a fucking Servebot Sprite!!!!! Why is it so hard!!! Now I'm gonna have to edit some random photo of it. grrrr. my life is so fucking hard!

hrm. well... i figured i should write a post.
So, What have I been up to?
The first week I got back from japan I was really tired and kinda bored and depressed. I didn't call the landlord right away, and I didn't look for a job, and I didn't get my licence renewed. I just kinda layed around.
god why does it take me days to write these things. It's already 3 hours since i started, and like the 4th attempt to write an update. i feel like alex.

ok, so now another hour later, the plumber has come and fixed the sink. he was like "why did the landlord pour this nasty drain cleaning stuff down the drain? it will destroy the disposal."

well, I will write more tomoorow.
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