October 26th, 2006

Mega Man Party!

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In Korean, Bounge (번개) means 'lightning'.
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this only took 50 minutes...

dinesh: hello
dinesh: How can I help you ?
chris: howdy
chris: my ISP blocks port 25
chris: how should i configure my email to send?
dinesh: Please provide me domain name
chris: chojimoji.com
dinesh: just a moment please
chris: ok
dinesh: weather you use the mail servers of the ISP's ?
chris: I want to use mail.chojimoji.com
dinesh: ok
chris: is there a way to use mail.chojimoji.com as my outgoing SMTP mail server, without using port 25?
dinesh: just a moment please
chris: ok, thank you.
dinesh: Weather you need this in configuring for outlook ?
chris: I am using apple's built in mail client some of the time, and outlook other times.
dinesh: Please go through the outlook
dinesh: there is one advanced option
dinesh: When you mention the mail.chojimoji.com
dinesh: there you can mention the port number what ever you want
dinesh: but it should give problem to your mail system
dinesh: your incoming mail should get effected
dinesh: Are you there
dinesh: Most of ISP blocks the SMTP port
dinesh: so that the client use their Mail servers
dinesh: in this case when your port 25 is blocked
dinesh: You should use ISP's mail server
dinesh has left the chat conversation

good job. thanks for telling me nothing.