November 1st, 2006

Apple fish

Final Fantsy

Nathan got FFXII yesterday, and I played it for 6 hours.
All I'm going to say is, this is a very different game than the last 12 (not including FFXI)
but I'm currently enjoying it. but it's like OMG how is this final fantasy? it's so different I almost think it sjhjoud have a different title. like, the saga series is closer to Final Fantasy play style than this. but like I said, I'm having fun! also, it's not making me motion sick which is good, because I can't play Kingdom hearts for more than 20 minutes. this is about at Zelda64 level of making me motion sick which mean that there are parts that do it, but most of the game does not.

this morning I NEED to work on java. it's like, so close and yet so far. I have so much time to work on it, and I'm just not using it... blah.