November 7th, 2006

Apple fish

today's day of today!

OMG this is awesome!!!

also, I have a job interview at lockheed! for mac os support job! omg! something I'm unequivocally good at!

Nathan and I bought The new mortal kombat game yesterday. I don't know why I even like the serise, i mean compared to tekken and soul calibur it's really crappy. but yet it's still fun. I actually think the previous game (#6 annialation) was better in some respects. the noob/smoke character was really cool, and i think the levels were really good. like the weird island and stuff. but we'll see. hrm... man. i really like video games.

learning java is hard for me, because so much faith is involved. like, doing stuff with swing just means you have to either magically know all the methods in the 7 layers of superclasses that each object inherits, or you just magically trust it. i dont know. it just seems really difficult to figure out how to do something because you have to look through 7 layers of classes to see which class has the graphics method constructor in it.

Although in otherwords, I'm impressed that I'm even able to use all thoes words correctly. man... blah. my life is hard.
happy birthdaay Jonathan AmmoreZ!