November 17th, 2006



so I'm in coffee society in de anza. I'm using the internet.
I don't know if I haven't gotten any email, or if my email has just decided to not be checkable. apparently they're upgrading servers, and blah why? fuck email that dosen't work. it makes me want to eschew my personal domain that i pay too much for to just use gmail. because at least that works. I really want a new job. I'm so bored and depressed. I think some of the key factors are just not haveing enough sleep, and just not having anything to do during the days. and I'm too depressed to sit in my room and work on writting or other projects.
We had a house meeting, and that was productive. It's too bad nick and I are both so bad at communicating, but at least I got to voice some conce4rns. yes with a 4 in it. take that, grammar girl!

will write more late3r.
(yes, with the 3).

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so, i found out the lockheed job has already been filled.
lame. I dont' know what to do now. boo.

I'm sitrill in the coffee shop, and it's cold!!!!!
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