November 20th, 2006

Command Mission!

Megaman Command Mission!

So, I don't know about the job situation. People ask what I'm looking for and honestly I just want to work with people within 10 years my age (currently 24) on something where each day is building on the previous day. also something that pays more than 40K annually would be nice.
Those are my main requirements (outside of things like non-shitty environment and company/product I can't stand).
You would think I would be able to find something, although I don't even get responses when reply to job offers on craigslist. I think I should post my resume more places, or maybe just go with plan B - work at starbucks part time, and do study in CS and actually learn java.
Ultimatly I plan on starting my own company making toys or games or school equipment or something, but right now not only can I don't pay the bills, I'm bored and isolated and it's making me unbearably depressed....
and I can't even cheer myself up by buying a nintendo wii!!!!! (Although I did buy the controller.)

So, today I'm gonna post on more places. like or something. actually the only people who have contacted me found my resume on monster.
I wish my resume didn't not make sense.

blah.... will write more later