November 27th, 2006


my day

hello livejournal.
today I had a job interview at AppleOne. It wasn't a job interview, but an interview at a temp agency, so it's kinda like a job interview without there being a job that you're interviewing for.
My morning was basically like a sitcom. my fucking phone just decided to not play my alarm. or ring when people called me, or get text messages. finally for some reason it rung when nathan called me, and so i woke up at 10:30 and had my interview at 11:00. So I took a super fast shower, shaved and printed out my resume and the address. (I had tried to text the address to my phone so I could just put it in my GPS when i got in the car, but it didn't work.) but the phone was on the printer so it was printing them out and then just crumpling them up. so I had to print it again which was lame and time consuming. so at 10:55 I grabbed a rockstar someone left from the party and got in my car. but then my GPS couldn't get a signal because of the clouds and so i just started driving in what i hoped was the general direction. It eventually got a signal but i when i got there I was super confused and couldn't find the place. so I called them and figured out I had just put the wrong address in it. Finally i got there and was 30 minutes late. they didn't seem to care, and I got to do an hour of paperwork. then... I got to watch a safety video and then answer a multiple choice questionnaire about the video. and then... I talked to a guy about my past experiences and then what i wanted to do. and then I took a basic logic test basically ensuring that I spoke english and was literate.
Then i went home and spent over an hour downloading updates for my vaio so I could take tests on MS office apps. I got about 10 questions into the excel and then it completely crashed. fuck windows. then I tried again and managed to get in the 90th percentile out of all the people who have taken a basic MS office test. the guy was super excited about it. And I finally felt like I was not a failure.

the end.

maybe someday I'll have a job that pays more than $15 an hour.
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