November 29th, 2006

Mega Man Party!

A camel story!

once upon a time, there was a girl who was 20. she had just come home from a bike ride where she had gone down to the village well. She lived in a small town in the midwest. She generally didn't care for the well, as she didn't much care for the town either. but the well gave her somewhere to go and sometimes there was free food at the bizare. Her bike was an old blue schwin inherited from her grandma. it was really heavy and for much of her life she lamented the fact that she coudldnt have a brand new BMX like her male friend max.
On her way home she was hit in the face by something hard. So hard that she fell off her bike. She got hella scraped up on her knees and her elbows. they were bleeding all over. She swore and then picked herself up and took stock of her bloody bits. Suddenly she realized that her face had a huge laceration on it. "What the hell hit me?" She screamed into the line of cars that sat there sedintarily before her. she looked around and found a giant Rhino beetle with blood all over it.
Enraged by her injury, the girl fully intended to exact revenge on the insect when something hit her in the back of her head ,Hard. In reflex the girl grabbed her head, and pulled her hands away, bloody. She was now bleeding in both front and back of her head. She looked around for the object that struck her. Like the Rhino beetle before, a Stag beetle lay bloody beside it.
"Why is this happening again?" she muttered examining the blood in her hand which had so recently been in the back of her head. "This is why I need a car." she excalimed. Suddenly a third beatle buzzed past her head. "It is happening again!"

Where the fuck is my faggoty hero to come save me? she thought. oh wait thats right , non of that ever exsists appart from prefabricated force fed ideals disguised as childhood folklore. Thanks mommy for your lies now I am bleeding all over the ground. she thought once more.

Asside from her massive head injuries she was fairly still okaish. she picked herself up and woosily set off coasting on her bike down the road now in search of some form of self medication efforts. Self medication was completely nessisary for hear pre health insueance age bracket.

her tiny town there was only one hospital. and at this hospital were a bunch of republicans and they were bigited jerks. But it was the only place where anything close to modern science could be found. As much as lillian was excited about the idea of bandeging herself and having a concusions she decided to dive into the amazing happy hollow that is the local hospital. There was so much blood! it was dripping down lillian's face and into her eyes! everything was turning spotty!
finally she arrivede at the hospital. Like the town the hospital was small. only 2 stories and home to a handfull of doctors and. It was made of brick. The brick was full of crabs. Lillian ditched her bike and stumbled around a little bit. it was rockin! she knew that noone would steal her bike because she could kick the ass of anyone who would. plus, everyone knew her bike by now. one of the advantages of living in such a small town.
She pushed her way through the few elderly republicans lingering in the lobby discussing ways to keep fetuses alive and queers dead, and was greeted by a cute nurse dressed in pink standing behind the . The nurse gasped with shock and lead lillian into a small room. "Are you ok???" it was amazing.
the end!
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time machine

I talked to mike about a piece of theatre he did, and it was very similar in creation to ragesties, except with kafka instead of 911. and i realized i never read any of the reviews from the fringe festival.
So I went and read them.


Ah memories...

was it really that long ago? I feel like I've had my brain just turned off the last 2 years. this brought back a bunch of weird feelings and memories.
I need to do more writting.
I need to also upgrade my LJ to a permanent account.
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